Banana Island – Day 1

Today I ate 3240 kcals from 3 banana smoothies. I have been weighing the bananas (the edible part) recently to really get a feel for how much I should be eating. Seeing as there is approximately 900 kcals in a 1kg of banana flesh I had divided bags of frozen bananas into 1.2kg bags, equaling out to just over 1000 kcals  per meal. Even after 4 years of being into a high carb fruit based diet this is something I never did before.

I missed my workout yesterday because I was so tired to I caught up today.
Below is weights session completed:

Shoulder press single arm (35lbs)
10, 9, 8

Pull ups
10,8,6.5 (2 added reps onto last set after 30 sec rest) 

Momentum bicep curls – 35lbs (single arm)

Dealift – 50lbs + bar (light)

Single arm, bent over rows (35lbs)

I also went for a run as I felt good and wanted to earn my calories for dinner. I am not sure of the distance but I previously did the same route over a week ago and already noticed a significant improvement. My pace was much faster and I felt a lot stronger. The total run time was around 40 mins.

Here is the weekly exercise schedule I am currently following:

Mon – back, biceps, shoulders

Tue – long run

Wed – shorter run

Thu – legs, chest and triceps

Fri – short run/ cycle

I had planned to do another video but instead decided I wanted to read, that lasted about 5 mins before I jumped onto youtube to watch The Woodstock Fruit Festival Documentary, which I have included below for your viewing pleasure :-)

Watching the video filled me with such joy. Seeing all those familiar faces and learning more about some of the people I didn’t get a chance to meet made me so excited about attending next years event.

The idea behind my trip was to develop a mini Woodstock experience on the road. By visiting different friends I had meet at Woodstock I had hoped to create a very supportive environment to help me commit to this lifestyle fully.

Well, whilst that hasn’t happened exactly as I had planned, I definitely feel far more content, in terms of connectivity/being understood/feeling of belonging, than I ever have previously felt. Even people that I didn’t really talk to, I see them in this video and I feel I know them so well. We have shared the same emotional ups and downs that the pursuance of this lifestyle inevitability brings. Watching this documentary made me feel supported and reminded me that I am not alone on this journey. These people are my family.

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